Plato’s Bone Broth

Plato’s Bone Broth

In the past, I have written about the importance of bone broth and I will chat with people who come into the store on how to make it themselves for their pets.  As I have stated before, “Bone broth is essentially the nutrient-dense stock liquid made from simmering raw or cooked bones at low heat over long periods of time. This oily broth is packed full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals and is considered a nutrition powerhouse for dogs!  Bone broth is especially ideal for sick dogs and senior dogs, as it is extremely easy to digest and is soothing for the gut. Although this healthy broth can be given to help dogs heal and stay strong, it also works as an excellent raw multivitamin supplement for any dog at any age!”

I understand that in the hectic lifestyles we all lead, it can be difficult to make your own both broth.  So with that said, I was happy to bring in Plato’s Small Batch Bone broth.  We currently carry the lamb broth.

Small Batch Bone Broth by Plato was formulated as a SUPER functional addition to our Supplements line.  Sustainably sourced vegetables from local farmers are slow simmered for 24 hours in whole form to ensure the natural nutrients are extracted.  Use as a food topper for added hydration and palatability as an easy way to provide essential nutrients to your dog’s everyday diet. Three single source proteins will be available in a 16oz fill, Beef, Pork & Lamb. With NO added preservatives, Small Batch Bone Broth by Plato has a shelf life of 18 months.

Small Batch Bone Broth by Plato in a glance:

Made in small batches with whole bones and vegetables

Slow simmered for 24 hours

Natural source of calcium phosphorus, magnesium and chondroitin minerals

Natural aide in joint health, anti-inflammatory

Natural source of glucosamine and overall coat and skin health


Bone broth is great for senior dogs, dogs that are malnourished, or as a topper to encourage dogs to eat.  I even put it on my outside cat’s food as a boost of nutrition for her during the winter months.

We are currently carrying the lamb bone broth in our refrigerated section.  This is one of our many guaranteed products so you can feel secure in your purchase.  If your dog doesn’t like it, we will take it back.


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