Pet Supplements

Pet Supplements in Vancouver WA

You will never get everything your pet needs from a bag or can of pet food. You want to give your pet the best health you can within your means.

When you provide extra supplementation, you provide a more well-balanced and well-rounded diet. This creates a stronger system inside your pet. This will, in turn, radiate to the outside skin and coat and general appearance of your pet. This is the holistic approach to great health.

At Beastie Boutique, we carry:

The highly processed foods are very convenient for us but do not provide optimal nutrition for your pet. They re-coat the high-heat treated kibble with synthetic vitamins and preservatives. This, along with long storage periods, depletes almost all of the added nutrition.

With proper supplementation, you can insure your pet is receiving all the vital nutrients they need to remain healthy. A compromised or weakened immune system can lead to all sorts of health issues from skin and coat allergies, environmental allergies, degenerative type diseases and more.

Probiotics and Digestive Health

Two of the most important supplements, in our opinion, are enzymes and probiotics. These vital nutrients are made available naturally if your pet is on a raw food diet. But, cooking or processing pet foods actually destroys these nutrients. That’s why you must supplement the nutrients if you feed only cooked foods.

Enzymes break down the food. Without live enzymes in your pet’s diet, their body has to produce them from other vital organs to help digest the foods. This is called “enzyme robbing” and is responsible for many health issues. Foods need to be broken down far enough to digest properly so the nutrients can be taken from the available food source. Undigested foods lead to a toxic colon and the beginning of health issues.

Probiotics, also known as “good bacteria” flourish in the large intestine and ensure delivery of the vital nutrients from the food source to the whole body. Without probiotics (the good bacteria), the bad bacteria from food sources, airborne sources, and chemical sources can get the upper-hand in the intestinal system and overpower the good bacteria and, thus, cause sickness and disease.

Supporting Your Pet’s Joints

Multi-minerals and vitamins are another good addition to your pet’s diet. They provide the extra nutrients needed that are lacking from the food sources.

If you have a big dog and/or an older dog, it will usually experience the need for joint support. Start early introducing a pet joint supplement for dogs, and don’t wait for the problems to occur. Give them the nutrients they need now to help prevent this painful experience as long as possible.

Green powders, such as kelp are a very good source for extra antioxidants and readily available proteins. Adding some greens to your pet’s diet will help keep their immune system running stronger.

Natural Health Solutions

There are several other common supplements you will find at Beastie Boutique, such as organic apple cider vinegar. Used internally, it helps to stimulate an appetite. Externally, it can be applied into the ear to help with ear infections. Also, mixed with water and applied to the coat of your dog will help give relief if it has severe skin sores from allergies.

Coconut oil is also, very good internally and externally. It is a good fat when consumed. And, if you apply it externally to sores, it provides a mild antibiotic, antimicrobial and anti-fungal first aid treatment.

At Beastie Boutique, you will find many other supplements for anxiety, seizures, tear staining, upset stomachs, pain and swelling, fish oils for omegas and much more.

Call or come in and talk to us about what might be best for your pet and their needs.