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At Beastie Boutique, we take pet nutrition seriously. Much of the degenerative disease and illness seen in pet dogs and cats comes straight from the food bowl. The ability to maintain the happiness and health of your pet is as easy as avoiding the chemical-filled, poor nutrition foods offered up in discount stores and supermarket shelves. It has little or no overall nutritional value that contributes to strong bones and teeth, healthy gums, sleek fur, and excellent eyesight. In fact, you will see a rapid decline in the health of your pet over a few short years.

Our knowledgeable pet nutritionists have done their homework and compiled a selection of the best foods available for your pet in one location. We offer top brands containing the crucial elements needed for a happy, healthy life. All of our pet foods, treats, and dietary supplements will be greeted warmly by your dog or cat. By switching to a diet that naturally conforms to their needs, you will notice an improvement in energy, endurance, performance, and disposition. All of our products at Beastie Boutique are safe and free of harmful chemicals, byproducts, and grains that prove detrimental to dog and cat health.

Raw Pet Food Diet Supplies in Vancouver WA

Specialty Dog Food for Optimal Dog Nutrition

We understand the basic needs in dog nutrition that provide for longer life, better health, and a happier disposition. Many mass marketed foods contain harmful preservatives and grains that a dog with sensitive skin and allergies react to after eating. Indigestion, nausea, intestinal upset, gas, and rashes and poor food quality that lacks proper dog nutrition go hand-in-hand. Here at Beastie Boutique, we offer the better brands in the form you prefer to use, like

  • Raw dog food
  • Lightly cooked
  • Dry
  • Canned
  • Freeze dried

Specialty Dog Food

Cat Food Diet Supplies in Vancouver WA

Premium Cat Food for Improved Cat Nutrition

Supermarket shelf cat food is some of the poorest quality when it comes to cat nutrition. Most of it contains wheat, corn, byproducts, and chemicals that are not fit for man or beast. Cats are carnivorous hunters by nature and require far less carbohydrate intake than is found in grocery store brand foods. Our foods at Beastie Boutique are packed with real meat and protein and contain all of the elements that make up quality cat nutrition. Choose from our wide selection of top brands, or we can order your preferred brand right to the store.

Cat Food

Raw Pet Food Diet Supplies in Vancouver WA

Safe, High-Grade Products for a Raw Food Diet

If given a choice, a dog or cat will naturally gravitate towards a raw piece of meat. It is due to the natural instincts that all animals share collectively. Highly-processed pet foods strip needed nutrients by adding byproduct protein and heavy grains. Here at Beastie Boutique, we offer an extremely nutritious variety of raw food products that are safe for your pet to eat and provide all of the essential nutrients to keep them healthy.

Raw Food Diet

Pet Treats and Diet Supplies in Vancouver WA

Nutrient Enriched Treats and Chews

Don’t forget treats for your four-legged kids when stocking up on the pet foods. We offer a big selection of healthy and tasty snacks for your dog and cat to enjoy as a treat, or use as a training incentive. We also provide mini birthday cakes for that particular day. You can purchase chew treats in bulk or smaller portions. Try an assortment of soft chews, tough natural deer antler, or nutrient-rich baked cookies. Your pet will feel the love when you show up with some of these tasty goods.

Treats and Chews

Pet Nutrition Supplements in Vancouver WA

Vital Pet Supplements for Health and Happiness

The vitality and health of your pet are primarily determined by their quality of diet. No canned, dry, or raw diet will provide your pets with 100 percent of the vitamins and minerals they need for maximum life-span and health. Lessen the problems seen through natural aging in pets with nutritious foods and quality supplements. Adding essential supplements to their daily diet can improve

  • Immunity to disease
  • Boosted energy levels
  • Healthier teeth and coat
  • Improved digestive system
  • Increased joint mobility

Pet Supplements

Stop by Beastie Boutique and find out more about the pet nutrition needed to keep your dog or cat healthy and thriving. Out pet nutritionists will be happy to show you all of the products available to give the critical vitamins and nutrients your four-legged friend needs on a daily basis. We can answer your questions about starting a raw food diet, or what supplements are best for your pet.

Here at Beastie Boutique, we refuse to carry anything less than high-quality foods, supplements, and treats. We are happy to order your preferred brand to the store and will call you to let you know when it arrives! We are centrally located to provide quality pet foods to the entire Vancouver WA area. Call us if you have any questions and one of our expert nutritionists can assist you right away.


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