Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming Services

Pet grooming is something many dog and cat owners struggle with at home. Maybe your pet dislikes getting in the tub or sitting still while you brush and comb their fur. Expert pet groomers make all the difference when it comes to keeping a pet clean, their fur neat and tangle free, and their nails clipped. It reduces stress for the animal and takes a lot off of your shoulders, too.

Beastie Boutique offers a complete range of cat and dog grooming for pets of any size, age, or circumstance. With as little stress and worry as possible, we give your furry friends the complete spa treatment. This not only gets them clean and neat. It can help prevent health problems such as flea infestations, infected ears, dental disease, and skin disorders. We guarantee your satisfaction every time. Here are just a few of the services we have available:

  • Brushing and combing
  • Fur mat removal
  • Ear cleaning
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Nail trimming and Anal Gland Ecpressions are available as a walk-in service. Please call the store for current times and prices.
  • Full bathing services
  • Custom fur cuts and styling

Experience, knowledge, and a true love of animals shines through every pet grooming experience we perform. We are proud of the positive reputation Beastie Boutique has built in the Vancouver WA area.

Pet Grooming - Dog Grooming in Vancouver WA - Hazel Dell - Camas provided by Beastie Boutique, LLC

Dog Grooming

Dogs come in all sizes, coat types, and temperaments. Whether your canine friend is small, fuzzy, and friendly or large, sleek, and nervous, our experienced team members can help your dog relax and enjoy the grooming process. Keeping your dog clean and its coat well-brushed is an important part of having a healthy and happy pet.

Whether you just adopted a dog who has not seen a groomer for a while or want weekly baths and brushing for a pampered pet, we know what it takes to give the perfect end result.

Dog Grooming

/Pet Grooming - Cat Grooming in Vancouver WA - Hazel Dell - Camas provided by Beastie Boutique, LLC

Cat Grooming

Our cat grooming services are perfect for pet owners with finicky felines who do not do a sufficient job of keeping themselves clean. Long-haired cats especially need extra attention when grooming their hair and help prevent hairballs from self-grooming. We offer bathing, fur combing and brushing services, bathing, and nail clipping services as well.

Special care from an experienced pet groomer is always taken to make sure your furry friend remains calm and comfortable throughout the process. For cats with dirty fur, matted and knotted hair, or other problems, trying to groom them may be uncomfortable and scary. Our experienced pet groomers make sure to minimize any stress or strain.

Cat Grooming

Pet Grooming in Vancouver WA - Hazell Dell - Camas by Beastie Boutique, LLC

Pet Groomers with Stress-Free Techniques

We at Beastie Boutique have dedicated ourselves to providing the best products, services, and customer care since 2006. Our cat and dog grooming services get no less than our best guarantees of your and your pet’s satisfaction. In the Vancouver WA area, we are proud to have built a positive reputation for quality and stress-free grooming for both dogs and cats.

Every pet who comes through our doors gets to enjoy an individual plan of action that suits their needs and feelings. We formulate these methods because we understand how important it is for pets to feel comfortable when they are getting groomed. One bad experience can make future cat and dog grooming more difficult and cause undue stress to the animal. Old or young, experienced or first-timers, we treat your furry family members with all the stress-free care and attention you want for them.

Your pet will leave here clean, free of knots and mats, with perfectly clipped nails, and feeling great. That is our promise to you. Call ahead for appointment times and to discuss your pet’s particular needs.


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