Pet Supplements for Joints

Pet Supplements for Joints


Beastie Boutique provides joint supplements for pets and alternative joint pain treatment for dogs and cats in Vancouver WA.

Supporting Your Pet’s Joints with Supplements

Sometimes our beloved four-legged friends need a little extra support for their joints, especially with advancing age or other medical conditions. Here at Beastie Boutique, we provide a range of supplement options. Your pet will not get everything it needs from a can or bag of pet food, and they deserve the best!

When you provide extra supplementation for your cat or dog’s joints, you’re providing additional support that target pain and inflammation. We believe in a holistic approach to great pet health, and supplements are an excellent way to support your pet from the inside-out. The right joint supplement formula can strengthen your pet’s system, creating balance within.

What Pets Need Joint Supplements Most?

Beastie Boutique provides joint supplements for pets and alternative joint pain treatment for dogs and cats in Vancouver WA.Pet food that has some joint supplementation in it, is simply not enough to provide the benefits your pet needs as these are maintenance amounts and pets with joint issues need therapeutic levels. And if you have an older cat/dog or large breed-dog, supplements can become even more important! Bigger dogs are prone to skeletal conditions, like dysplasia, and special care needs to be considered before serious medical problems like osteoarthritis can occur.

Older dogs or cats, who may already be experiencing symptoms or issues with osteoarthritis, can really benefit from the right supplement. Although supplements for joints can’t reverse damage, they can prevent further damage and reduce pain and increase mobility.

We recommend beginning a joint supplement before a problem occurs, giving your pet the nutrients they need now to help prevent painful medical conditions. Here are a few brands we carry:

  • NaturVet ArthriSooth-Gold – pill supplement
  • Wholistic MSM – pill or powder supplement
  • ActivPhy Joint – powdered joint supplement
  • Pain Away Joint and Back Pain Relief – powdered supplement
  • Earth Animal Aches and Discomforts

The Best Joint Supplements for Your Pets

Beastie Boutique provides joint supplements for pets and alternative joint pain treatment for dogs and cats in Vancouver WA.

  • Multi-minerals and vitamins: There are several formulas of multi-minerals and vitamins that are another good addition to your pet’s diet. They provide the extra nutrients needed that are lacking from the food sources, strengthening bones and keeping your pet in peak physical condition.
  • Greens and Green Powders: Adding some greens to your pet’s diet will help keep their immune system running stronger, preventing possible medical conditions that can make joint issues worse. Green powders, such as kelp are a very good source for extra antioxidants and readily available proteins.
  • CBD Oils: Pet owners use CBD oil for seizures, joint and hip conditions, nervous conditions, and other health and medical ailments that have compromised a pet’s enjoyment of life, and use of CBD oil has been very successful. While CBD oil for dogs is manufactured from cannabis plants, the cultivation of the plant is done in a manner that eliminates the presence of THC.

Providing Pet Supplements for Joints

Beastie Boutique offers many pet supplement options. We believe there is a formula that every pet owner can incorporate into the daily care of their furry four-legged child, to support and extend quality of life. At Beastie Boutique, you will find many other supplements for anxiety, seizures, tear staining, upset stomachs, pain and swelling, fish oils for omegas and much more.

Call or stop by to talk with us about what might be best for your pet and their needs.