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Probiotic for Pets

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Pets mean the world to those that include them in their lives. Keeping them in great health is important for a long and active lifespan. The addition of probiotic for pets is one way you can help boost their ability to fight off illness, disease, and get more nutritional value out of the foods they eat. At Beastie Boutique, you can choose from several types of probiotics, depending on the needs of your pet.

Why do you need to use digestive supplements for pets?

The digestive systems of dogs and cats are more sensitive than many owners realize due to feeding highly processed foods. Digestion can be interrupted and valuable bacterium destroyed by increased stress, drastic dietary changes, and illness. Our nutrition experts can suggest the best digestive supplements for your pets that make a real improvement in overall health.

What are the benefits of Probiotics?

Looking out for the health of your dog includes ensuring they are getting the maximum nutritional value from the food eaten. A few of the benefits of digestive supplements for dogs are

  • Combats stomach upset and diarrhea
  • Increases absorbability of nutrition
  • Fights pathogens
  • Improves immune system
  • Increases energy
  • Improves general health
  • Maintains flora balance (helps keep yeast in check)
  • When taken with antibiotics, helps maintain good gut health

The benefits of probiotic supplements for dogs can be noticeable right away. If you have dealt with what seemed like food allergies, the problems might actually be an imbalance of good and bad digestive system bacteria.

Boosting Immune Systems Using Probiotic Supplements for Pets

Probiotic for Pets at Beastie Boutique in Vancouver WAMuch like humans, the proper function of the immune system is dependent on the health of the digestive system. Using probiotic supplements for pets helps make sure they have the right good bacteria in the digestive tract to fight off the bacteria and germs that cause illness. Inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria is one way that you can provide the foundations of the proper nutrient-rich environment that creates the ability to stay in great health.

Call us at Beastie Boutique and find out more about the health benefits of probiotic dietary supplements for your pet today. We understand their nutritional needs and are happy to provide quality probiotics for pets throughout the entire Vancouver, Washington area.