Flea Season Approaches

The weather is warming up and it’s that time of year to start being proactive to eliminate a flea Infestation. Once you have a flea infestation, it can take weeks or months to control. But by being proactive, you can prevent them from starting in the first place.
Start by keeping them out. Keep your grass mowed and brush cut back as it gives them less places to hide. Discourage any feral or wildlife from coming in your yard as they drop eggs. Don’t invite these critters by leaving bowls of dog or cat food outside.
Invest in a 99¢ flea comb. This is a very inexpensive tool you can use to check your pet for fleas or flea dirt. It is also an easy way to remove fleas from your pet.
At Beastie Boutique, if you do not have a flea infestation, we recommend that you be proactive in one of many natural flea control products that we carry. This will help reduce the chances that your pet will pick up fleas in the first place and/or will kill fleas before they get out of control.
If you have a flea infestation, we recommend you see your vet. We recommend Comfortis (Not trifexis). Then once fleas are under control, go back to the natural flea control products to keep them at bay.
We carry a variety of products depending on the type of application you want to use.
Spot-On Essential Oils –Sentry Natural Defense
Shampoos and sprays –
Food Additives.  Earth Animal
Come in to see us today to see what is the best solution for you and your pets.
10% off flea treatments
As always, stop in and see us for any help we can be for your nutritional needs.

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