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Jan 2018

We will be bringing in the Taste of the Wild Prey Dog Food Diet in on the 27th of January. It is a limited ingredient diet (LID). We decided not to bring in the Wild Prey Cat food as it is too low protein for cats.       This simplified, limited ingredient diet, for a dry food, may be easier for some dogs to digest. They include probiotics to help support digestion, with guaranteed antioxidants, omega fatty acids and DHA. Pre-buy your food by the 25th and SAVE $10.00 off the 25lb bag (Limit 2) $5.00 off the 8lb bag (Limit 2)......

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Apr 2017

Because I like to hike and take Odie with me, I was excited to see Tucker’s come out with CARNIBAR. CARNIBAR is a complete and balanced dehydrated meal for dogs in a easy to serve bar-kind of like a protein bar for dogs.  It is a 95% meat formula. These bars have no preservatives and are individually vacuum sealed for freshness. Just peel and feed to your pet. Each package contains 2 bars and provide enough nutrition and calories to feed a 25lb dog for a day. I feed my guys a......

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Mar 2017

As most of our customers know if they shop for their pet’s food at Beastie Boutique, we are advocates for a fresher food diet for your pet as we believe this is the best way to receive optimal nutrition. When I say fresher food, that doesn’t mean your pet can only get that from a balanced raw-meat diet, but also a lightly cooked balanced diet or a canned food diet. Of course, if you only have one pet and that one pet is 10 to 15 pounds, it’s easy to choose a......

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May 2016

About a year ago I decided bring in Natural and Delicious for both dogs and cats.  It has proven to be an outstanding dry food – highest quality in the industry for dog and cat foods on the market. A little bit about the company: They have spent years of scientific research in collaboration with the Chair of Animal Nutrition at the University of Naples Federico II led the Farmina Vet Research group to formulate a nutritional system designed for the nature of our four-legged family members. Natural & Delicious Grain-Free is......

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