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After goiactivphyng to a distributor trade show, I was happy to find a new product called ActivPhy.  Even though we currently carry a few products for hip and joint there were a few things about this product that I like.  I have been using it for Beau as it was recommended by our vet at East Padden Animal Hospital that he be on a supplement for his back issues.  I also give it to Baxter as he, being a dachshund has a per-disposition to back problems and has exhibit some issues in the past.

So more about the product:

ActivPhy is a clinically proven joint supplement for dogs. Studies have shown our blue green algae extract is a safe and effective way to improve the pet’s quality of life by helping to reduce joint discomfort and provide antioxidants. A clinical study with dogs showed statistically significant owner perceived improvement in mobility, playfulness, ability to rise and enthusiasm to go outside.

80% of the dog experienced benefits within 30 days.


About ActivPhy’s Ingredients:

The combination of ingredients provides maximum effectiveness in joint support and makes ActivPhy a complete joint supplement for dogs. In addition to glucosamine and MSM, ActivPhy is the only over the counter joint supplement using a patented method of support with a blue green algae extract that serves as an antioxidant and supports the body’s normal anti-inflammatory response due to normal daily exercise.

In addition to glucosamine found in traditional joint supplements, ActivPhy adds Turmeric, Flaxseed Oil ( omega 3’s), Creatine, and an antioxidant blend for maximum effectiveness in our joint aid for dogs. ActivPhy supports muscle bone and cartilage health and is safe for dogs as young as one year of age.   ActivPhy guarantees their product.

ActivPhy is a soft chew with natural liver flavor.  I am able to dose both Beau at 45lbs and Baxter at 15lbs with one size container as they are soft enough to break up.  Beau started with a whole chew and Baxter one half a chew.  After a few weeks of being on the product, they were reduced down.  Beau takes one half chew and Baxter one quarter.

If you would like more info, please come in or call me at the store.



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