Grooming Operations Temporarily Closed

After Petco’s failed attempt to keep vital grooming services in operation for their customers because of the governor’s ruling, we have also decided to suspend grooming services as well.

We view grooming services as an essential service as everyone knows that excessive length in dogs’ nails can cause serious problems. Also expressing anal glands is vital to help prevent infection. Many dogs’ coats can become matted and cause skin irritation or infections. Most modern-day pets require these services on an ongoing basis. We have many customers pleading with us to get their pets in.

Apparently, the governor does not see things this way and continues to prohibit pet grooming services in the state. We don’t want to be heavily fined or have our whole store closed down and not provide food and supplements, so we will close grooming for the moment.
Please feel free to contact the governor’s office to express your feelings and concerns about pet care. Click the following link to leave a message.

When Phase 2 of the governors re-opening plan is approved, we will immediately resume grooming operations. As of yesterday, Clark County has been approved to apply for Phase 2 re-opening with restrictions. As soon as the county can meet the requirements to apply, they will do so.
We understand this has caused a lot of frustration for most pet owners. Once we have the green light to continue services, we will let you know. We will have extra staff available to help meet the needs for getting nails clipped and bath/grooming services.

Please call for the latest news and to get on a schedule. We are working on a few plans to help keep us from being overwhelmed with nail cuts and other services once operations continue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.