About Us

Beastie Boutique was founded in 2006 by Kristina & Roger McLeskey at it’s current location in Vancouver, WA.

The mission of Beastie Boutique is to provide quality products, services and professional advice for our customers’ cats and dogs. Why? “Because pets are people, too.”

We are always learning the latest in nutritional pet health and industry trends in pet fashion. And, our professional dog grooming services offer a low stress and caring atmosphere.

Kristina McLeskey has been involved in pet fashion and nutrition for many years now. Owning pets for so long and working at giving them the best nutrition possible has led her to her ultimate dream of owning and operating a pet boutique and natural pet food store.

Beastie Boutique began as an on-line gift basket boutique. Kris’ desire to bring this dream to a real brick-and-mortar business came true as of November 11th 2006, when the doors of her boutique finally opened.

Now, she is enjoying the reality of retail…  It’s all OK as the passion for helping and educating people on pet nutrition and assisting them with their pet accessories makes it all worth the effort.

If you are anywhere in the Vancouver, WA area, please stop in and say, “Hi. and as always” Pets are always welcome…