The Fourth of July is fast approaching, and I already have concerned pet parents asking me what their alternatives are for helping their pets get through this stressful holiday.

Here are some things we have that can help you help your pet have a calmer 4th of July

CBD Oil – CBD oil can have many benefits. Not only can it help to relax your pet, but also is a good pain reliever. There are many other benefits and it is a safe alternative to many pharmaceutical drugs out there. For both dogs and cats. I would recommend a Broad Spectrum like LIX or Austin and Kat. I like the elixir because you can keep dosing accordingly until your pet calms down. This is harder to do with treats.

PROGILITY MAX – CALMING AID. Soft chews. Active Ingredients: L-Theanine, Thiamine, Passion Flower, L-Tryptophan, Ginger Root, Colostrum, Valerian Root.

AMBER NATURALZ DermaNERV “Nerve Support” helps to sustain balanced pet behavior functions and helps support normal functions of the central nervous system. DermaNerv may also help occasional:

  • Nervousness
  • Hyperactivity
  • Stress related separation
  • Motion
  • Tension
  • Transportation

DERMANERV contains organic herbs: lemon balm, yohimbe, skull cap, nettle, wood betony, alcohol, and filtered water.

THUNDER SHIRTS. These shirts, made to apply pressure create a calming effect for your dog or cat. We keep in stock the dog shirts, so if you want one for your feline baby, let us know and we will do our best to get one in for you.

Here are some tips for keeping your pets safe and calm during this time:

Don’t bring your pet to a fireworks display. The sound of the fireworks are three times greater than the human ear can even register. 

Keep a collar and ID tag on your pet at all times. Cats should wear breakaway collars, and as a backup it’s advised to have either cat or dog microchiped from a veterinarian or check with SW Humane Society to see where they have a local clinic. Indoor/outdoor cats are recommended to be brought indoors on the 3rd and to remain inside till the 5th. This is because fireworks are legal to buy in many areas and often individuals set them off on more than one evening during the holiday week. 

Keep your pet indoors in a cool, quiet room. The windows should be closed and the shades or curtains pulled. You can put on some background noise by turning on a radio or have the TV going.  Remember to leave a light on for your pet too. These things will help the animal feel safe and secure. 

Don’t leave your pet outside in the yard on a leash or a chain. Many animals get tangled up in their attempts to flee and end up injuring themselves. And dogs often escape their yards and get lost. 

Try finding an old t-shirt and see if you can put that on your dog. It needs to fit snug. The pressure from the t-shirt creates a calm feeling for your dog. If not, we do carry the Thunder Shirts.

If you find an animal that is lost, you can take it to your local vet to see if it has a microchip, but best to take it to the humane society, right away. The quicker you do this, the sooner the frantic owner will be reunited with his or her beloved pet.

From our pets to yours, we wish you a very safe holiday.