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  • Supplements to Improve Pet Health
  • Pet Clothing
  • Bakery Treats
  • Gifts and Breed Specific Items
  • Professional Service & Advice on a Proper Balanced Diet for Your Pet

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  • Human Superfoods You Can Share With Your Pets (4/7/2015) - Superfoods are foods that are nutritionally dense, have minimum calories, and may help prevent disease and promote overall health. There are several human superfoods that you can easily share with your canine companion. You can add them to your pet’s meal, or offer them as snacks or training treats. If possible, buy locally grown, non-GMO, […]
  • SUPPLEMENTS FOR ARTHRITIS/ INFLAMMATION (2/28/2015) - There are a number of products out there for pets that suffer from hip and joint problems.  We carry a variety in the store.  When deciding what to get for your pet, it can be confusing as to what works best and what all the different supplements actually do.   Here is a list of supplements […]
  • Kidney Disease – Species Appropriate Diets versus Prescription Diet (2/7/2015) - One health issue we consult with our customers on is the diagnosis of Kidney Disease in their pets.  Once your pet has been diagnosed, you will have a few choices as to what to feed your pet. Unless you see a holistic vet, your traditional vet will surely put your pet on a prescription diet […]
  • New Coupons Out (1/9/2015) - Look in our Coupon Page for latest Sale Items. No need to print them out, just come in and they will be priced as noted.
  • Shedding Dogs and Cats (12/19/2014) - I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I don’t hear a customer complain about their cat or dog shedding.  So, on a whole, a certain amount of shedding is normal and a cat and a dog will “blow” their coat one to two times a year—Spring and Fall.  Most people who […]