What’s Happening

Just a short newsletter this week to keep you updated on what is going on.


  • We are still short-staffed but we are taking bath dogs and have daily appointments available.
  • Walk in services are Tuesday thru Friday 10 to 2. It is always best to call first to make sure we
  • can take care of your pet. You can also call the front as the grooming department can be quite
  • noisy and they may not initially hear your call.
  • We are actively seeking a groomer and have hired another bather, she should be on board soon
  • and we will get her trained.


We are now live on Door Dash. Unfortunately, they are slow to upload the pictures and we areworking out a few bugs with our logo but you are able to place orders.
We have expanded our treat lines and have some nutritious and fun new treats in.I am continuing to expand our supplement line. I am currently working with Wolf Creek Ranchand will be bringing in Amber Naturals.

I am currently taking an online class for Canine Cancer. In the upcoming newsletter, I will be giving you my class notes on what I am learning.

The class is instructed by Julie Anne Lee DCH RCSHom. Julie Anne Lee earned her DCH in 1997 and RcsHom in 2002. She was a pioneer in opening and owning the first licensed strictly holistic veterinary clinic in Canada, the Adored Beast Veterinary Clinic. Julie Anne regularly teaches and lectures to veterinarians. Her life’s purpose is to educate the public at large, empowering them to make the best choices for ethical treatment and a naturally holistic approach to their animals’ health.

1: Introduction: Cancer is the main cause of death in dogs today; but cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence. There are parts of the journey that are in your control. My goal with this course it to teach you how to try and prevent cancer and use homeopathic and holistic cancer protocols to treat it. I want you to think differently and look at cancer from an alternative perspective and I’ll give you the tools to get there.
2: Cancer In The Body
3: How Your Dog’s Emotional State Impacts His Health
4: Suppression Or Prevention 
5: Letting The Fear Go And Creating Balance
6: What If Your Dog Gets Cancer?
7: Holistic Support8: Summary