Pet Fooled – The Documentary – Part 3

I have been getting some feedback on the documentary and people are generally surprised on how they have been “fooled” by the pet industry and even their vets.
I hope by now you have had the opportunity to watch the documentary Pet Fooled.  If not please do, so that you can at least know what the pet food industry is about and how it affects your pet.
Going through this documentary, has been an eye-opener for me-either by learning new things in the pet industry or being re-educated on things I have known.
Here are some points of interested taken from the show:
The documentary talks about the recalls in the pet food industry and how they were handled.  How one company, like Menu Foods, makes so many different brands and how that affected the contaminated foods. It raises the question, should there be more regulations in the pet food industry.  Menu foods knew their food was contaminated, was making animals sick and killing them and they continued to sell it which brought a Class Action Lawsuit against their company.
During the time dogs were getting sick from the chicken jerky, companies like Del Monte stood behind their product, Milo Kitchen, and kept it on the market knowing it was killing dogs.   Even though complaints of dogs being sick or dying lasted over 6 years – multiple companies kept their chicken jerky on the market at places like Target, Walmart and Petsmart, Costco, Petco.  These companies do not care about you or your pet, they care about your money.
Companies that stated that corn and grains were good for your pet are now coming out with grain free products.  Not because it’s better for your pet, but because they have to stay competitive in the market.  So the quality is still going to be questionable.
It would be ideal if we could all feed our pets a balanced raw – species appropriate diet, but it you can’t, that would be a goal to work towards.  There are other options like feeding a fresher food one meal a day or as snacks.  Other options would be to incorporate canned food.  If you can’t afford a fresh food diet, then strive to feed a higher quality dry-food diet.
Make a change and see them thrive.
I hope you take the time to watch this documentary so that you are better educated and to benefit the health of your pets.