NOW taking Chiropractic and Laser Light Therapy Appointments

The Animal Wellness Clinic of Salmon Creek will now start to take appointments on Friday June 16th and Tuesday June 20th. Please call Kristina at the store 360-574-6400 or her cell number at 360-607-2795 to schedule Laser Light Therapy or Chiropractic Therapy or both. She will be the one originally scheduling appointments as the clinic grows so please ask for her to schedule.

Appointments can also be taken for in-home Laser Light Therapy. Call for more details.

These two healing modalities can complement each other for a variety of conditions.

We will start off with two days a week for appointments and expand from there as needed.

Below is an article from Dr. Karen Stevens, our Chiropractor for dogs.

Why Animal Chiropractic? Animals need to be adjusted just like their owners. Do you compete with your animals (showing, barrels, agility)? The most obvious reason for adjustments is pain, but there is many other reasons to adjust your animals.

Dogs and horses sometimes become off in their gate which affects their performance. If running barrels or agility is your animals’ purpose, they are athletes and need their spines adjusted as well as their legs. Have you ever had your small dog jump off the bed or the couch? The facets in their spine may be jammed together, they may benefit from an adjustment.

When you catch your dog licking their paws or chewing on themselves, that is also a sign they need an adjustment. There is many reason animals need to be adjusted for their ultimate heath, above is just a few reasons for chiropractic.

If you are seeing unusual signs or behavior problems in your animal check out chiropractic and see the difference it can make in your pet. If you have any questions if chiropractic would help your four legged loved one, please call me at 360-606-9019.


“I raise and breed Labradors. My older male of 9 years old suffered from a small stroke. At this time he was having problems controlling his paw and walking. I had to help him walk everywhere he went. I called Dr. Karen she came out and performed several adjustments over a period of time on Vinnie. It has been 6 months and he has returned back to himself and doing very well in his life as a 4-H dog. If it were not for Dr. Karen I may never got Vinnie back to his normal self.”

“My children are very involved in pig 4H, a month before fair my sons pig started limping and had a hard time walking. We called Dr. Karen she came out and worked an adjustment program out for our pig, and within the month the pig was back to walking normal and ready for fair. Without the adjustments the pig would have never made to fair and all the hard work my son had put in would have been for nothing. Thank you Dr. Karen.”

“I show my quarter horse in Western Pleasure. I noticed that he was having a hard with his gate he was not limping but he was slightly dragging is back leg in the trot. I called Dr. Karen and she observed the gate and performed specific adjustments to get his gate back on track. My horse is performing much better and has a lot better attitude.”