Nobody Wants To Talk About IT… Canine Cancer

These are notes taken from my online class – Canine Cancer

The Prevention, Suppression, and Treatment of Cancer

Julie Anne Lee, DCH RCSHom


Two main causes of canine death

1. Cancer

2. Skin Disease – The number one reason for elected euthanasia


Does your dog actually get Cancer?

There are multiple causes of cancer in dogs and most dogs already have cancer cells in their bodies. It takes a trigger though to activate those cells.


Vaccinations: The leading external or environmental cause.

Get educated as you possibly can on whether or not your pets need to be vaccinated, the side effects of

the vaccination, the pros and cons. Get as much information as you can– Vaccinations are scarier than

skin disease and cancer – Julie Anne Lee, DCH RCSHom.

Spaying and neutering:

Spaying and neutering decreases the hormones in their body at such a young age. The hormones are

master metabolic programming. So the body’s immune system stays functioning. Their stress isn’t as

high. Something to consider. Not to not do it, but at what age and not to do it too early if possible.

Dead Foods – Processed and high sugar foods:

  • No antioxidants
  • No nutritional value

Processed and high sugar foods create high amounts of inflammation that supports things like chronic

disease leading to cancer.


Chemical – everywhere. It’s in our water, in our air, in our rugs, in our paints. Sprayed as a fire

retardant on our sofas, our mattress, and our dog beds. How close to the ground they are. Laying on

our couches. Licking their feet, licking their bodies.

Pesticides. Not only on our grass and our food, but in products applied directly onto animals as flea and tick prevention.

Cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi.


Isolated things that to help with those triggers:

  • Enzymes to decrease chronic systemic inflammation
  • Species appropriate diet

-Ketogenic diets – low carb diet

-loads of antioxidants and good fats

-Adaptogenic herbs to balance stress. Adaptogens are active ingredients in certain plants and

mushrooms that may impact how your body deals with stress, anxiety and fatigue. 

-Ovary sparing spays and waiting for maturity before neutering or even spaying. Wait until they

have at least one heat. As for neutering goes, if you can wait until their at least a year old to

where their bones are developed, their joints are developed, their growth plates are developed,

their urethras have developed – that is a really important part as well.

-Homeopathic remedies to help reduce the side effects of the vaccines: Thuga and Silica. They

are really helpful for helping to detoxify heavy metals like mercury, all the different negative

side effects that come with having to vaccinate.

-Buy and use green products for paint, cleaning products, try to find fabrics that don’t have fire

retardant on them for your sofas and your rugs.

– Liver Support. It is incredibly helpful to use, not just if your dog has liver problems, but as a

prevention. The liver has an invaluable process of detoxifying the body. And when your dog is

so loaded with environmental toxins and around them all the time, to do liver support, maybe

even three times a year. I don’t like to call it liver detoxification, but liver support. It helps

tremendously to keep that liver healthy to try and detoxify from all of the environmental toxins

that your dogs are around.

-Naturals Flea Solutions. Try to find a natural flea solution.

-Turning your Wi-Fi off when it is not in use. Turn it off at night. Turn it off when you go


We are so much more empowered then we used to be and need not be afraid of cancer.


We carry species appropriate diets. Balanced raw, freeze dried and lightly cooked diets. Also, just by

starting to add things like the fermented raw goats milk has nutrition that has not been denatured,

enzymes, probiotics and Omega 3’s.

Supplements that offer liver support and detox. Also, Life Cell Support, which is something you give after vaccination to help with the immune system.

We carry a 14 mushroom blend to help keep the immune system strong. On a side note, mushrooms

are a great prebiotic.

We have several natural flea and tick solution that your pet can use instead of pesticides.

Of course, nobody wants their dogs to get cancer. If there is anything we can assist you with, please come see us.