My Perfect Pet Low Phosphorus Food for Renal Failure

My Perfect Pet Low Phosphorus Food for Renal Failure

low_phosUntil recently, if your dog was diagnosed with renal failure and needed to be put on a low phosphorus diet, your only option was a prescription diet by your vet.

A little over a year ago, we were introduced to a Low Phosphorus diet by My Perfect Pet. It is a lightly cooked food that most dogs find very palatable. We have customers on it who have had excellent results both with their pet eating it and with the lab results they get back from their vet.

72% Protein from Lamb
Delicious flavor of freshly baked lamb! Even picky dogs love it!
Quality muscle meat protein
Targeted levels of phosphorus and sodium
Easily digestible for sensitive stomachs
Rich in antioxidants to help boost immune systems
Low Phosphorus Blend is formulated for adult dogs whose veterinarian has recommended a diet lower in phosphorous and linoleic acid.

No ground bones/frames
No preservatives
No corn, wheat or soy
No beet pulp or sugars
No synthetic vitamins
No gluten

Here are the main points to feeding a diet for a dog that may be going through kidney failure. First make sure you work with a veterinarian that can monitor your dog, preferably a holistic vet that can expand on nutrition and supplements needed.

Feed moderate to high amounts of good quality fatModerate amounts of HIGH QUALITY Protein
Low Phosphorus meat
Low Phosphorus carbohydrates to fill in
Lots of clean, fresh filtered or low mineral bottled water, and broth plus
other liquids.

Salmon oil- up to 1 gram / 10lbs of body weight daily
Coenzyme Q10- 15mg/ 10lbs body weight 3x daily
Vitamin E- 50 IU daily/ 25 lbs. Of body weight.
Vitamin B-complex
Moderate amounts of vitamin C- 500mg for 50lb. Dog
(Don’t use multivitamin/mineral products with phosphorus or vitamin D)

REFERENCES Whole Dog Journal, May 2005, volume 8, #5, – Kidney Disease – diets + supplements
Dr. Picarians



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