If You Feed Dry Food, Do This..

We all try to make the best choices for our pets and their diet. During these times of uncertainty and
your budget is tight, there are ways you can take even a dry food diet and make it better. In an ideal
world, if we never had to feed a dry food kibble to our pets that would be optimal. But if you have to
because you have multiple dogs or large dogs, then here are some tips to make their diet better.
First start off with the best quality dry food that fits within your budget.

There isn’t anything from the grocery store that I trust, so the few I would recommend are Farmina – N&D: This company uses no meal in their food. (meal has two carcinogens that cause cancer)
and they minimize their synthetic vitamins.

Nature’s Logic: This is one of the only companies that does not use synthetic vitamins
Taste of the Wild: This food is on the lower end of a high quality food, but it is still above and beyond
what you can get in a grocery store and it is less expensive.

If you feed a dry food diet (or any processed food) there are at least three things you should add to it:

  1. Probiotics
  2. Enzymes
  3. Omega 3’s
    We carry several supplements that you can add to your pet’s diet, but one of my favorites is the
    fermented raw goat’s milk by Answers. Not only does it contain probiotics, enzymes and Omega 3’s, but
    also absorbable nutrition that your pet will not get from a dry food diet.
    Here are some other things that you can add to your pet’s diet without creating an imbalance in their
    diet: Not too much though, you can add up to 20 percent.
    Raw or poached eggs. Eggs contain bioactive compounds which may help promote your pet’s heart,
    liver, brain, visual and immune health. It also has all 10 essential amino acids needed for building
    proteins that are not destroyed if left uncooked. If you can get duck eggs, they are even better.

You can add lean meats (raw or cooked) to your pet’s diet. Don’t add any more carb sources as their dry
food diet already exceeds that amount of carbs your dog needs in a day.

Some dogs like lightly cooked or finely chopped veggies in their diet. Dogs cannot breakdown
vegetables so they will get no nutrition if you give them whole pieces. I like greens. Broccoli adds
selenium which helps to fight cancer.

Blueberries are an awesome source of antioxidants. I like wild blueberries as they container higher
amounts of antioxidants.
If you would like to discuss your pet’s diet, please feel free to ask for me when you come in to the store
or call to set up a time.