Exciting Changes Coming to Beastie Boutique

Exciting Changes Coming to Beastie Boutique

After being in business for close to eleven years, Roger and I have decided to make some changes to what we will offer our clients in the upcoming months.  As you may know, the main focus of our store is the health and well-being of pets—our pets and yours.  Right now, we focus on nutrition and supplements to optimize your pet’s health the best we can.

So what is just over the horizon?  We are looking to extend within the store a Wellness Center.  We are looking at offering multiple modalities and we are seeking the input of our customers to help us grow in a direction you would like to see and to do what would be most beneficial for you and your pets.

Here are some treatments we would like to offer:

Cold Laser Therapy

Chiropractic Therapy

Massage Therapy



As to keep this article from being too long, over the next few months, I’ll be writing short articles to keep you posted and to go over some of the different types of modalities as well as our progress.

We also would like your input and suggestions.  If you specifically want to be updated, please let us know so I can personally update you.

One of the therapies we are most excited about is the Cold Laser Therapy.  Laser therapy provides a drug-free, non-invasive way to alleviate discomfort and restore quality of life. The benefits laser therapy provides for animals with chronic pain and lack of mobility – often these are aging and arthritic pets — is especially gratifying.

Lasers are being used in veterinary medicine for pain management, to promote wound healing, to reduce inflammation and swelling, and for rehabilitation in both small and large animals.

The benefits of laser therapy can’t be overstated. It not only hastens healing, it actually improves the way tissue repairs and renews itself.

Lasers can reverse muscle atrophy and improve tendon and ligament strength and resilience. Range of motion, function, flexibility and mobility are all enhanced. In addition, the probability of re-injury is significantly less. Pets get back on their feet and return to normal activities faster.

Patients don’t need to be sedated. No drugs are involved; there are no IV lines and no invasive clipping of hair or cutting into the skin.

Our dog, Beau, was give cold laser therapy and just after one treatment we could see significant results.  He jumped out our SUV, which he hasn’t done in long time.  His mobility increased and he was able to comfortably go for a short walk and briefly play with Odie.

Again, we would really value your input and encourage an open dialog with us on changes we are looking to make.  We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or suggestions you may have.