dookashiWhat Is DooKashi


Dookashi is a waste odor eliminator.  Once sprinkled on pet poo and pet urine, DooKashi’s OMRI listed probiotic will go to work to consume the waste, competing pathogens and disease-producing microbes. The unpleasant, strong aroma is eliminated which makes everyone happy! DooKashi is 100% natural and scientifically proven to eliminate odors at the microbial level without chemicals, perfumes or masking agents. It’s safe for both pets and humans if ingested.




  • Select Wheat Bran
  • OMRI Listed Probiotic
  • Blackstrap Molasses
  • Purified Water




  • Kitty litter extender and odor eliminator
  • Poultry respiratory systems stay healthy as harmful levels of ammonia odors are removed
  • Bird, Guinea Pig, Ferret, Hamster and other small critters habitats will no longer smell
  • Sprinkle onto dog poop to reduce odor and reduce harmful pathogens
  • Use in horse trailers and stalls as an odor eliminator and manure compost accelerator




  • A substitute for litter, bedding, hay or shavings used in animal habitats
  • Magic powder- instead, it’s scientifically proven and 100% natural
  • A masking scent with chemical perfumes
  • A septic system starter
  • Harmful if ingested by pets or humans


If you would like more info on DooKashi and how it can be of benefit for you and your pets, please feel free to contact me.  I personally use this product in my chicken coop and it keeps odors down and extend the amount of time my coup needs to be thoroughly cleaned out.


During the month of June, if you purchase a bag of World’s Best cat litter, you will receive up to $2.00 off a bag of DooKashi.


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