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Dog Been Scratching A Lot?

One of the main complaints we get from customers about their dogs is itchy skin. A lot of times this is because the dog is suffering from yeast. We have successfully helped customer, i.e, their pets through diet and supplements.

Dr. Karen Becker wrote a great article on dogs who suffer from yeast infections. We carry the food, some of the supplements and shampoos that she suggests you use to treat and cure your pet.

If your dog is itchy and smelly, please read this article then come in to see me and we can work on a plan to rid your pet of excess yeast.

Yeast infections, especially of the skin and ears, are quite common in dogs. A normal amount of yeast progresses to an infection when the organism begins reproducing uncontrollably, causing an overgrowth.

Dogs with yeast infections often have an immune system imbalance, are on antibiotics or have recently taken them, are immunosuppressed, and/or have allergies.

Symptoms of a yeast infection in dogs include itching and general discomfort, a distinct and unpleasant body odor, skin irritation, and changes in mood or behavior.

Treatment of a yeasty dog starts with addressing the diet to remove all sources of sugar, including grains and carbs, and moving to species-appropriate nutrition supplemented with natural anti-fungal foods.

Disinfecting protocols and natural anti-fungal baths and rinses are also critically important in resolving a yeast infection.

As always, please feel free to stop in and talk to us about your specific needs.