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Laser Therapy for Pets

Pet Laser Therapy at Beastie Boutique in Vancouver WA

Pet Laser Therapy for Dogs and Cats

Every pet owner wants their furry friend to feel good and be happy, but when they are in pain or have limited range of movement, it can be difficult. When you need pain relief for dogs or dog arthritis treatment, pet laser therapy can help. There are also great advances happening with pet chiropractor treatments.

What is Pet Laser Therapy

In pet laser therapy, a concentrated beam of therapeutic light is sent into your pet to alleviate pain and discomfort. A process called photobiomodulation stimulates healing, triggers the body’s natural pain fighters, and reduces inflammation.

During the appointment, the dog or cat will relax comfortably while the technician delivers the laser treatment to the body parts in need of help. They might feel a bit of warmth or tingling but never any pain. In fact, the soothing capabilities of this practice occur so quickly that the pet will feel much better even while still on the table.

What Type of Dog Arthritis Treatment Help

This effective dog arthritis treatment also works for injuries, post-surgical care, hip dysplasia, back pain, gingivitis, earaches, other infections, and hot spots and open wounds. Besides soothing pain relief for dogs and cats, it speeds healing time as well. Some use it in conjunction with pet chiropractic care.

A pet chiropractor does for dogs or cats what regular ones do for people. They work with information from your veterinarian about each specific pet. Gentle manipulation of the body parts and spine can help relieve pain, improve gait and flexibility, and alleviate stiffness that affects their ability to jump, run, and play.

Should Your Pet Try Pet Laser Therapy

When it comes to dog arthritis treatment and pain relief for dogs and cats, lasers represent the latest scientific advancement. Although a pet chiropractor may help with musculoskeletal issues, laser pain relief for dogs treats a greater number of issues. It is safe, comfortable, and effective.

Be aware that these laser treatments require several sessions for maximum effectiveness. Most pets come back two or three times per week for a month or more. Ongoing appointments may occur for chronic conditions like arthritis and spine problems. While this can stretch your budget, seeing your dog or cat pain-free and enjoying life again is priceless.

Does Pet Laser Therapy Have Any Risks to Consider

Although there are some reasons not to use laser pain relief for dogs, there are no known side effects, disadvantages, or discomfort. Do not use near eyes, intact reproductive organs, on pregnant pets, or on tumors.

Pet laser therapy offers a new dog arthritis treatment that also helps dogs and cats find comfort after surgery, while healing from infections, and due to other issues like hip dysplasia. While researching treatment options, also consider seeing a pet chiropractor for alignments and beneficial manipulation.

Everyone wants the best treatment and outcomes for their furry family members. Ask about laser therapy and what it can do for your dog or cat.

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